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Fun Facts About Wallingford in the UK

If you've never been to Wallingford in the UK, you're missing out on a very unique town. Wallingford is an ancient Roman settlement, a market town, and the base of the Empress Matilda during the Civil War. Read on for some fun facts about the town, and then plan a trip! Here are some great reasons to visit Wallingford, UK. Listed below are a few of our top picks.

Wallingford Was a Romano-British Settlement

Located on the River Thames, Wallingford was once a small Romano-British town. The name Wallingford is derived from Welsh, the Saxon language, which means "People of the Welsh." Its early history was recorded by the Anglo-Saxons, who built a fort at the river's crossing. In the ninth century, King Alfred the Great enclosed the town with earthworks, and Wallingford became the chief town of Berkshire and county Ealdorman.

The town of Wallingford was a centre for local commerce, and the imposing earthworks were possibly Romano-British. It was fortified before the Norman Conquest, and was the largest borough in Berkshire during the Domesday Survey. Its fortified walls and ramparts were designed to withstand attacks from Danish armies. The walls were topped with timber palisade, and defences may have included defensive towers.

The town grew in size, and when the Norman invasion of England took place, it was one of the largest towns in Berkshire. The King of England owned a part of Wallingford, and used it for a castle. The Domesday Book records that eight sites were destroyed to build the castle. These included Saxon residences of high status. As a result, Wallingford lost much of its street layout.

The town's history is reflected in its current structure. The Romano-British settlement was re-established as a major town during the Middle Ages. In the Middle Ages, the town's Roman colonists migrated to the area, and a Romano-British church was built in the 11th century. During the Middle Ages, the town had many Saxon and Romano-British settlements.

It Was a Base for The Empress Matilda During the Civil War

When Henry I died in 1135, the political situation in England became very unstable. King Stephen of England, the son of the late king Stephen II, became the leading candidate to take over the throne. The Empress Matilda was in France when Stephen seized the throne. During this time period, which is known as the Anarchy, the castle at Wallingford was one of the main bases for the Empress faction. Stephen's forces attacked Wallingford first, and Matilda fled to the castle.

The tumultuous time in England's history was a crucial time in the history of women's rights and culture. Queen Matilda had a powerful entourage that included English knights and clerics. Her son, Henry of Blois, later became the Bishop of Winchester. The two women's movements were not able to achieve their objectives in the end, but Matilda's legacy lives on today.

After the Battle of Lincoln, Matilda crossed the English Channel and took over the kingdom by force, supported by her half-brother, Robert of Gloucester. Her husband, King Stephen, had been focusing on Normandy. The two women fought against each other for several months before Matilda's forces captured Stephen at the Battle of Lincoln in 1141. Matilda attempted to crown herself, but it failed in the face of the angry London crowd. After the battle, the Empress Matilda was crowned Lady of the English.

Stephen and Matilda were unable to find a common ground, and a truce was made between Stephen and Henry of Anjou, which prevented a battle between the two monarchs. The treaty also promised that Henry would be king when Stephen died. Matilda's fate was not assured, however, and she eventually died and was exchanged for Stephen of Blois.

It Is a Market Town

Nestled on the main London-Gloucester road, Wallingford is one of England's oldest towns. The town has a rich history dating back to Saxon times. The town's rich soils encouraged farming communities. The Romans left traces of their occupation, and the Anglo-Saxons built the first town. Today, it is a bustling market town with a thriving economy.

The town has many historic attractions, including its town square centered around a war memorial and 17th century arcaded town hall. There are also a number of historic inns, shops, and other places of interest. The town's medieval architecture is interesting as well; the town had a Motte-and-bailey castle that once stood at its heart. Henry VIII abandoned the castle and parliamentary forces demolished it.

This picturesque town is a quiet, quaint market town on the banks of the River Thames, just 12 miles below Oxford. It is also an excellent day trip from London, Reading, and Oxford. There are plenty of interesting things to do in Wallingford, including a trip to the town's historic theatre, where scenes from the Midsomer Murders series were filmed. The town is also an excellent place to explore Oxfordshire.

The town is also home to the medieval Wallingford Priory, which produced famous writers like chronicler John of the Wallingford Abbey. In the 18th century, the town's prosperity was revived by William Blackstone. In addition to the Wallingford Museum, the town's oldest building, the Flint House, may be as old as the 15th century. The flint exterior of the building dates to the 17th century.

It Has a Castle

If you've ever wanted to explore medieval England, Wallingford in the UK has a lot of history. The castle was once the head quarters of Queen Isabella of France during her invasion of England. In the fourteenth century, Wallingford became a royal castle and was associated with many medieval kings, although Henry VIII preferred the nearby manor house of Ewelme. Wallingford Castle was also robbed of stone and lead and was later shipped down-river to help with the building work at Windsor Castle.

The castle was reconstructed in stone in the 1130s by Brian Fitz-Count, an illegitimate son of the Duke of Brittany. The Count fought with Henry I of England several times and made Wallingford a strong fortress. He later gave up the castle after the battle and gave it to his friend, the Empress Matilda. The Count was so brutal that he built a draconian prison in the castle. Cries of the tortured prisoners could be heard throughout the town.

The town of Wallingford is one of the oldest in England. It is listed in the Domesday Book in 1085, when it was one of the eighteen towns in the kingdom with over two thousand people. Wallingford Castle was built on William the Conqueror's orders and was an important strategic centre for controlling the Thames crossing and surrounding area. It still retains some of its original structure.

During the fourteenth century, the town went into decline, and the castle became redundant. After the Black Death destroyed the town's population, the royal family continued to visit the castle. The castle had a strong association with Catherine of Valois, the spouse of the King Owen Tudor. During the Wars of the Roses, Wallingford played a minor role in the imprisonment of Queen Margaret after the Tewkesbury battle.

It Is a Good Place to Live

If you're planning on relocating to Wallingford, you should know that the average property price here is PS443,000. This is slightly higher than the average property price in Oxfordshire, but still well below the average of other towns in England of similar density. In addition, Wallingford's property prices are rising slowly compared to the national average. Hence, you should consider hiring a property finder if you're a time-strapped buyer.

If you're interested in learning more about the safety and crime levels in the city, then you can read up on the English Indices of Deprivation. The government publishes these statistics every two to three years and consists of ten wards and Lower Super Output Areas. In terms of safety and crime rates, Wallingford is considered one of the safer cities in the United Kingdom.

Residents of the area have many reasons to love Wallingford. It is a quaint town located on the banks of the River Thames, and the castle in town is one of the most important castles in England. The town is also home to the Beechcroft head office, which has its head office in the town's historic Farthing House. Residents enjoy many attractions and benefits of living in this vibrant, small town.

Nightlife at Wallingford in Oxfordshire

Looking for nightlife in North Stoke, Oxfordshire? If so, head over to Soiree cocktail bar and Avanti Italian eatery. There is also the Comrades Club, a swanky members club with a ritzy atmosphere. And don't forget about Wallingford Rowing Club, a historic building that is home to a nightclub with a great reputation.

Soiree Cocktail Bar

A new cocktail bar in the UK is set to be a popular evening destination in the market town of Wallingford. It has recently been granted planning permission to convert a Grade II listed building. The building, which has been a shop for over 150 years, is currently empty and was vacated by the restaurant Rides on Air in August 2011. The future bar owner, Jack Linkner, has already received consent for the change of use and plans to add four beer taps to his bar.

Comrades Club

The Comrades Club at Wallingford in Oxfordshire is a members social club. It has a bar with reasonable drinks prices and a lively atmosphere that encourages friendly banter between members. The club boasts four full-size snooker tables and is considered one of the best in Oxfordshire. There are also many local teams which play at the club. In 2005, women were allowed to join.

Wallingford Rowing Club

There's an exciting new nightlife scene at the Wallingford Rowing Club! With over 2,500 competitors, it's sure to be a thrilling and energetic event. Races begin every six minutes, and the spectators are treated to the excitement of a regatta ranging from under-14s to Team GB Olympic athletes. The club's Regatta dates back to the 1860s, but it's no longer held at its original site due to deteriorating river conditions.

The city's Wallingford Rowing Club is 62 years old, but despite its age, the club continues to promote young rowing as a career. In fact, six members from Wallingford could compete in the 2012 Olympics, which are being held at Eton College's Dorney Lake in Windsor, just a few miles away. Helen Casey, Alice Freeman and Paul Mattick were three of the six competitors from Wallingford Rowing Club in Beijing. Helen Casey competed in the women's lightweight double sculls and Paul Mattick in the lightweight men's four. Casey said that she wanted to continue rowing, as it would give her the chance to relax on the river.

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