Hot Sex Party Venues in London

Are you looking for a fun Sex Party in London? Check out this list of hot spots. There are many options, including Subversion, Killing Kittens, and Liquid Love. This list of hot spots is sure to please any voyeur. In addition to these top London hotspots, the city also offers many other fun sex venues. We’ll help you find the one that’s perfect for you.

Killing Kittens

In the United Kingdom, the sex party phenomenon known as Killing Kittens has been growing in popularity since its launch in 2005. The sex group has grown from a modest London pub to a global empire founded by Emma Sayle, with over 100,000 members worldwide. As its name suggests, the group is geared towards women who want to control the process of sex. Unlike other sex parties, Killing Kittens events are private, and only women can attend.

The London events were founded by Emma Sayle, a former boarding school girl who met Kate Middleton in school. Sayle founded a non-profit social enterprise, Sisterhood, which women run, and Kate Middleton was one of its first members. The two were also a classmate at Downe House. In 2007 they split up but remained friends and trained for the charity dragon boat race together. The events have received much celebrity support.

While many sex clubs aim to attract socialites and model-beautiful types, Killing Kittens is an edgy space for people of all backgrounds. Its sex workers only work with women and are strictly prohibited from interacting with men. To ensure the safety of everyone, Killing Kittens events have strict dress codes and require guests to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Emma Sayle, the founder of Killing Kittens, spoke to MyLondon about her company’s recent funding round. Emma said the funding would enable Killing Kittens to expand its social network and penetrate new markets. The company’s founder Emma Sayle was inspired by a need for young women to explore their sexuality. She explained why the company has become so popular and why she’s so passionate about it.

Liquid Love

The sensual women’s only Sex Party is taking London by storm. Known for its healing and sensual properties, Liquid Love is a unique event for women. Sexological bodyworker Jessica Parker, high-priestess of Liquid Love, speaks to the Skirt Club about pleasure and sensuality. Read on to find out more. Let us give you a taste of what to expect at Liquid Love.

The sex party will feature a panel discussion hosted by sex writer Alix Fox and BBC Radio 1 presenter Jessica Parker. They will explore changing ideas about what sex parties are and how they should be governed. They will also touch on issues such as consent and safe practices for sex. The party will be held in a private members’ network in a discreet location. The attendees will also get a private touch tour of the venue.

The event takes place in a relaxed atmosphere where guests are not pressured to engage in sexy behaviour. Guests are free to wear underwear, although it will be covered in oil. You can attend this party solo or as a couple as long as you are comfortable. You’ll feel comfortable and safe in an atmosphere where no one is judged. The atmosphere is fun, and the participants are well-matched for one another.

Skirt Club

If you’re tired of sex bars and have always wanted to go to a Sex Party, you may have wondered where you can find a Skirt Club in London. The idea behind this exclusive party was to create a venue suitable for sexy women, and a private party space would be a great choice. A private party would give you more privacy and be a great way to meet other women and experience a unique, sexy environment.

The Skirt Club has a unique atmosphere – the women in these parties are all dressed in their most sexy lingerie. The women are gathered in a circle, surrounded by a hostess holding a sparkling wine bottle. They are then invited to kiss strangers in an intimate circle. The ladies sometimes teeter over uncomfortable tables, grabbing their partners’ heads and holding on to their shoulders for fear of falling on their heels.

The concept of an all-woman party has received a lot of criticism, but the organisers of the Skirt Club insist that their fetish parties are empowering for women and have no sexual agendas. The concept of an all-woman party rejects the view that women’s sexuality is primarily for male enjoyment, and many women attending the Skirt Club party go back to a heterosexual life after the party.

A new event, Body Tequila, has taken the sex party scene by storm. It involves sexy women who get tipsy and get worked up on strangers’ bodies. The event is held at a low-lit club in London. The women wear neon lingerie and high-heeled heels and are enjoying themselves. It is the UK’s first women-only sex club. The party is a hit among women eager to experience the experience.


The event, formerly titled Subversion at a Sex Party in Paris, is back in London! As its name suggests, Subversion is a club that promotes extreme seduction. The event is billed as a fetish night, so attendees should expect to see a diverse group of people. Tickets to the event cost between £100 and £400, so expect a wild night out.

There are plenty of London sex parties, but few of them are quite as naughty as Subversion. The club is run by fetishists and holds two types of events. The first type is a light-hearted evening with sex in the open, while the second features more intense play. While subversion may not be for everyone, it is an excellent choice for newcomers who want to try something new.

While the venue may have had a profit motive, it also served as a community gathering place. The club’s closure suggests that the licensing and police were not the only factors behind the venue’s closure. The squeeze on the London nightlife scene is also a direct result of the recession. This has reduced the availability of public spaces for communal gatherings. In other words, the subversion community can no longer meet as often as it used to.


The Crossbreed Sex Party in London is an open, inclusive night out focused on music and sex. Founded by DJ/producer Kiwi in 2019, Crossbreed was born out of Kiwi’s frustration with the discrepancy between kink and clubbing scenes in the capital. Creating an environment free of stigma, and accepting people who want to experience sex and music together, is the essence of liberation. Be warned, however, that the night may be more challenging than you’re used to.

The club’s rules are simple but strict. There is no fancy dress, phones or other distractions on the dance floor. And no racial fetishism or ableism is allowed. All those involved in the Crossbreed Sex Party are expected to follow the house rules and dress code. This event is not for everyone. Those with sensitive bodies should avoid this night out.

Despite its name, the Crossbreed Sex Party in London is not for everyone. Unlike the notorious Klub Verboten, this event caters to various sexualities and genders. The club also features a wellness area. The club’s website has a ticket booth and more information. You can check out the Crossbreed website to get more details. It is worth checking out.

The Tower Hamlets Council has threatened to shut down two prominent kink and fetish nightclubs in London. The council has contacted Klub Verboten and other venue owners and threatened legal action if they cannot comply with their rules. This action could affect Klub Verboten events as early as this Friday. Klub Verboten founder Karl Verboten has dismissed the council’s actions as “moralistic.”

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