How to Get Intimate With Your Partner

Intimacy is an essential part of building a fulfilling relationship. However, it doesn’t have to be reserved for married people, and it’s also possible to achieve intimacy with other people, including your pets. You don’t need to spend hours in front of a mirror to achieve this level of intimacy. You can achieve it anytime, anywhere. Here are some ways to get intimate with your partner.

Practising active listening

Practising active listening to get intimate with a partner can be an invaluable skill for your relationship. It can help you get through tough conversations, cultivate empathy, and build intimacy. Communication is the foundation of any relationship; this skill will strengthen your connection to your partner. Read on for tips on practising active listening to get intimate with your partner. Here are some examples. But remember, active listening does not only involve observing your partner; it also involves understanding their feelings.

While attempting to get intimate with your partner, try to remember that listening to your partner’s needs is not an easy task. People tend to take things personally and may not understand your point of view. Instead, try to understand the other person’s point of view and use a gentle tone of voice to convey your understanding. Ask your partner to do the same. This will make it much easier for your partner to open up to you.

One exercise to try is called the mirroring activity. Try listening intently to what your partner is saying to you and repeat their feelings back to them. If your partner feels heard and understood, giving and receiving empathy will be easier. Practising active listening is a great way to get intimate with your partner and strengthen your relationship. It also helps you express tender emotions. That way, you can give and receive empathy.

Empathy is essential for fostering intimacy in a relationship. It shows your partner that you care about their feelings and do not view everything as centred on yourself. It also gives your partner space to grow and improve. Practising active listening can make you a better listener. You’ll find that the intimacy level in your relationship is higher, and the relationship will last longer. You will have more quality conversations and a happier relationship.


Be honest in your relationship with your partner. People are more comfortable telling the truth than hiding their emotions. If you’re not honest with your partner, that doesn’t mean they’re unhappy. However, if you think your partner is unhappily withholding information, it’s time to reconsider your approach. Being honest is a great way to build a stronger relationship.

While you might not want to share your secrets, consider seeking personal counselling. Secrets can quickly become landmines in your relationship. Communication is the key to any successful relationship, and the most important skill is listening. If you constantly interrupt your partner, you demonstrate little empathy and two-way communication. Try setting a regular time to talk and establish a pattern of conversations.

Being honest will also improve your character. Being honest reduces your need to hide or be distant. Honesty shows your true colours, whether you’re a liar or a cheater. Besides improving your character, it will help you become more reliable. Honesty can improve your life and the lives of those you love. So, be honest and open with your partner. You’ll never regret it!

Being honest with your partner has other benefits, too. It can improve your mental and physical health. Lack of honesty can result in memory problems, stress, and poor health. Lying releases cortisol, decreasing your white blood cells and affecting your memory. The body can’t fight illnesses if it’s not honest. That’s why honesty is so important when getting intimate with your partner.


Adding a few compliments to your relationship can help you win over your partner. Try not to talk about body parts and focus on their style and intelligence. You can also try a new dating app called Sweeten, which gives you a quiz to see if your partner likes your personality. The more you compliment them, the closer you’ll become. The following are some sample compliments to use.

Compliments can be powerful ways to boost a relationship. The truth is that people tend to find attractive people more attractive, leading to more frequent intimacy. Moreover, it builds self-esteem and makes your relationship stronger. A simple compliment can brighten your partner’s day. If you have a crush, compliment them frequently. This way, they’ll be able to tell you how much they mean to them.

A couple of compliments can also be a great conversation starter. Make sure to compliment things your partner likes or does well. It’s also good to ask your partner how they feel when talking to you. This will allow them to understand how you’re feeling. Once you’ve gotten past this stage, it’s time to get romantic. If you’re interested in getting closer to your partner, use compliments as a way to spark a conversation.

Compliments should be made in a way to increases the chances of intimacy. It’s a good idea to be specific, giving examples of ways to get intimate with your partner. Repeat the process as often as you need to. If you have difficulty with this, try mentioning it to your partner a few times. It might work the first time, but it’s best to practice.

I am playing out secret fantasies.

Most Americans wish to incorporate fantasy sex into their relationship, yet only 20% have discussed the topic with their partner. There are many ways to make your fantasy sex more exciting and safe, from communicating before sex to communicating before and after sex. Playing out secret fantasies with your partner is a great way to get intimate without the risk of inciting a climax, as long as you’re both sure you’re having fun!

Sexual fantasies are perfectly normal if you respect your partner’s wishes. While you may be uncomfortable having these fantasies, they are perfectly healthy when played out with respect and consent. Research has identified seven common fantasies, each of which can be expressed and acted out with your partner’s consent. Some fantasies are so thrilling that you might even decide to cheat on your partner. The excitement stems from the possibility of getting caught and the newness and freshness of having a different sexual connection.

Intimacy coaches recommend playing out secret fantasies with your partner without coercion. According to Jess O’Reilly, the main reason people don’t discuss their fantasies with their partners is to avoid the risk of rejection. However, divulging these fantasies to your partner will allow her to understand you better, enhance your pleasure, and keep sex exciting. These fantasies will help you become more intimate with your partner and enhance your relationship when played out correctly.

Using role-play to explore your sexual fantasies is a healthy way to spice up your relationship. Some fantasies are just too hard to discuss with your partner, like oral sex. However, it doesn’t mean you’re cheating or having an emotional affair. While you might feel uncomfortable or embarrassed about playing out your fantasies with your partner, it’s important to establish consent first. By establishing consent, you show your partner that you respect their decision to experiment with sex.

Doing things together

Whether you’re just starting or want to spice up your relationship, there are many ways to do things together to make it more intimate. Try spending time in the same room and doing your favourite hobby together. You may also want to try taking a yoga class together or going for a walk. If you have different interests, try doing something you enjoy, such as playing a video game together.

Doing things with your partner can be as simple as taking up a new hobby or going on a date to Costco. Even making a bucket list together can make the experience more intimate. Make it a point to go on as many of these activities as possible and do them together. Not only will this increase your intimacy, but it will also create some great photos for your Instagram.

Learning a new hobby together is a great way to deepen your relationship. Choose something you both enjoy but require a lot of time and money. Some couples have bought motorcycles or dreamed of travelling abroad or even skydiving. Whatever you decide, do things together and get closer to each other. So, enjoy each other’s company and have fun! If you’re unsure what to do together, check the internet or ask friends for recommendations.

Sometimes life is not easy, and there’s no reason not to try something different. You can visit many activities and places to reconnect with your partner. You may even find that your partner’s favourite place is far more exciting than you think! Whether it’s the beach, a museum, or a favourite place, the chances are you’ll find a new way to get intimate with your partner.

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